Ringo Chan
Artist & Photographer & Marketer
2019 丨 2018 丨 2016-2017
Ringo Chan, a photographer from Hong Kong. He graduated his MA Photography degree in The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in 2019, and his BSc Psychology degree in 2014. Before he undertook his MA Photography, he worked in the financial marketing and PR industry for almost 4 years. Within these years, he gained a lot of experiences in marketing, public relations, media, magazine, financial and charity event organization, as well as event photography. In 2016, Ringo completed a diploma in digital photography for advertising, and a microfilm production course. Afterwards, he began his commercial photography career as a freelancer.

Ringo is interested in doing different kinds of photo. Particularly in architecture, documentary, portrait, pet, still life, travel and infrared photography. Besides commercial works, Ringo is highly concerned about pet protection issues. In 2017, he participated in a charity pet photography exhibition (‘FOREVER LOVE’), and then he held another exhibition (‘YEAR OF THE DOG’) again in 2018. Both exhibitions were being held along with a pet adoption day, they are aimed to promote the pet protection and adoption culture in Hong Kong. Apart from these, since Ringo undertook his MA Photography, he started interested in photo books and contemporary art photography. ‘Difficulty’, is a contemporary photo project done by him in 2019 during the MA Photography degree. It is a series of images representing human's coffee cup consumption activities and the environmental footprint​​​​​​​ behind a coffee cup.

MA Photography
BSc Psychology

2019 - The UCA MA Degree Show (United Kingdom)
2019 - Free Range 2019 (United Kingdom)
2019 - Medway Photo Festival (United Kingdom)
2018 - YEAR OF THE DOG Charity Exhibition & Pet Adoption Day (Hong Kong)
2017 - FOREVER LOVE Charity Exhibition & Pet Adoption Day (Hong Kong)​​​​​​​